The Beyond Clean Podcast from GEM

D&B #6 Dave & Bobby introduce their first guest to the show, Shallan Ramsey, Inventor of MaskIt.

March 16, 2019


Listen as Bobby introduces their first LIVE guest to the show, Shallan Ramsey, CEO, Inventor and Founder of MaskIT; a woman-owned, USA producer of compostable, feminine hygiene products.

If you think that the world of providing janitorial supplies is boring, just listen to this conversation on the real issues inside the women's restroom! 

The guys have brought to you a Podcast as you have never heard before. 

You are about to get an education menstrual issues, bloodborne pathogens, odor control, and entrepreneurship.


MaskIT - The New Standard in Feminine Hygiene Disposal





MaskIT @ GEM Supply Co.


Email Bobby to get a Face to Face with Shallan


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