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D&B #5 The weekly conversation continues; “The Resident” on FOX, SSS/QSC, KaiVac, ROCK STAR and Saving Lives

March 7, 2019



Bobby talks about the GEM Supply team of Facility Managers and John's notes on what happens while they were in Ohio.  You'll have to listen to know who is the only LEED Certified hand soap manufacturer.

Bobby also updates us on another of the Seven Pillars of GEM Supply; Equipment Recycling Program.

Dave takes over the conversation about his experience with the TV show, "The Resident" on FOX and his post on the subject on LINKEDIN.  He talks for some time on the power and value of the EVS Technician, Janitor, Custodian...whatever you want to call us.  There is a very impacting message in this show.  Watch the show, or listen to Dave talk it through.


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